Atmospheric Water Generator

A patented atmospheric water generator that works by converting water vapour in the air into fresh and clean liquid water.

Get your hands on this powerful machine and make 1000 litres of water per day, just out of thin air!


This is the most eco-friendly solution to fulfil all your water requirements

Only Electricity Required

Needs nothing but just electricity to make litres and litres of water out of thin air.

No Maintenance

You can forget about the machine after installing it. It’ll fulfil all your water needs without asking for anything else.

Pricing and availability

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the atmospheric water generator work?

It’s very simple. Just like how clouds give water from evaporated water, the atmospheric water generator makes clean drinking water from humidity in the air by way of condensation.

Why should I buy your water generator?
Skywater’s patented adiabatic distillation technology, leads the industry in air to water technology. Their atmospheric water generators, or AWG’s can extract more water vapor in varied climates than most air to water devices worldwide. As water shortages persist around the world, Skywater products provide effective emergency water solutions.
Why are you selling it at half the actual price?

The stock available with us right now has been purchased from a customs auction in India. This is why we’re passing on our low price benefit to the customers.
Everything is 100% genuine and you still get a one-year warranty from our side.

What does this machine require to function?

This is a very simple machine that requires hardly any maintenance. You only have to plug it in to an electric socket (3-phase with 380V 50/60Hz) and enjoy the water output.
An open space is recommended for installation.
The machine works best in coastal regions or places near water bodies.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes, yes absolutely! The atmospheric water generator first filters the air and then extracts water from it.
However, as a precautionary measure you are advised to install a regular filter at the outlet before consuming the water.

Get the atmospheric water generator from us at half the price!

Limited stock available. Get this advanced piece of technology* and workmanship to fulfil all your water needs.
*Most suitable for locations near water bodies.